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About ECO-OHV School & Guide Service

ECO-OHV School and Guide Service,LLC is a professional offroad group that is dedicated to teaching responsibility and safe off road driving while giving back to the community. ECO-OHV began in 2016 and has grown larger with each event. ECO-OHV works with several charities that have been chosen as the main focal point of each event. ECO-OHV provides groups to satisfy all skill levels. We offer camping, raffles, live music, food, and much more. ECO-OHV is a family oriented group and encourage family’s to get involved.

Trail Ride Group Options

Easy – This set of routes are designed for stock 4×4 vehicles with little or no experience. This will be a great introduction to off roading. This route is always the most popular due to how scenic it is.

Light Medium – These routes will be a bit more difficult. These groups are designed for vehicles with more aggressive tires, lift and tow points and minimal experience.

Medium – These routes are designed to be more challenging. It is required to have a winch, sliders, tow points, lift, 33” or larger tires and at least a rear locker. Experience is necessary for this group and there is the possibility of damage.

Hard/Extreme – These routes will most likely see body damage and more. This will be the most extreme terrain that is offered. Vehicles will need 36” tires or larger, front and rear lockers, sliders, winch, tow points, and lots of experience. 

All vehicles should have a functioning jack, recovery gear, first aid kit, CB radio and a fire extinguisher.

Some routes require a pass to Hollerwood Park or Bone Yard park.  Below are links to both for you to purchase.